An Estate Plan is something you need now, not later.

Most adults people say they want their family and loved ones protected in the event they passed away, but nearly fifty percent of adults say do not have an estate plan. Not only is there no plan in place, but there isn’t any plan to get a plan. Despite the best intentions for their families, people procrastinate with things that aren’t pleasant. This is probably why the government has mandated certain things like car insurance if you drive, social security contributions, and now health insurance. So often people put off the unpleasant things in life until they absolutely have to deal with them. Further, people don’t want to think about the very unlikely, but possible, chance that something bad and unexpected, like an untimely death, could happen to us. But the truth is, unexpected things happen every day. This fact is exactly why you create an estate plan today. An estate plan, among other things, provides for the care of minor children and distribution of property according to your desires. Without estate plan, these important choices are decided by the courts who have no knowledge of you or your family.

It’s never a good idea to wait until after a catastrophic car accident to get car insurance or until you’re 6 months from retirement age to finally start contributing to that retirement account. At that point, it’s too late to be of benefit. Likewise, you don’t want your mourning family to also have the burden or stress of trying to sort out your affairs and make decisions on your behalf in the event you unexpectedly pass away. Most importantly, minor children shouldn’t have to face the chance of being taken into child protective services, being forced to live with someone you wouldn’t want them to be with, and not being taken care of the way you would want them to be because of a failure to plan ahead for the unexpected. If you have children, an estate plan isn’t really for you, it’s for your family. Give yourself the peace of mind by getting an estate plan to protect your family. It is a simple, convenient, and empowering process.

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